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Omg love tht pisces r first i was gonna skip to the end just to hear pisces haha Was hoping to see a flood of comments 'bout GTA San Andreas. I identify as British My pronouns areTEA Hay carter!!! Liz got 300 votes and you got 286 so liz won I absolutely love random shape challenges! I am really glad you keep doing these kinds of episodes I hope that it continues and you do more of them :)Please find and redraw old projects of yours from when you were little doodles, doorballing around in your tiny people pants. How the fuck are you people saying the music don’t fit??!! Like how, it fits perfectly with this trailer and MK whether you like 21 savage or not Lâu lắm mới thấy anh chị làm video troll Hôm nay em rất vui Anal deleveries Wow, so what do you people want to see done different ,it looks like it will be worth watching What in the fuck did I just watch happen in the first clip. This woman needs to stop taking adderall Okay I'm trying not to laugh so hard this is the funniest thing ever I'm am dying so hard Book film film in sex I got dizzy after watchin' this shit ,like my motha fuckin' eyes couldn't keep track of what the fuck was goin' on after one point cOoL ViDeO though. Would famous dangerous curves strip club Couples sexual manual Katties porn 101 *I tried to do all the whistling things! All I did was make sounds that make we sound like a 2yr old the is making a farting sound with their tongue!* 🤣🤣 Sexy pornstar anal galleries. I'm a nerdy cool something something girl I like school and beginning the best in it There is just one thing that I hate in TEACHERS ARE THE WORST AT LEAST MOST OF THEM 😡🔥 Best digital camera for home videos Man Judgment will come before he will drop the marriage documentary 2 guys in 2 separate pools 5 feet apart cos they're not gay. 3:33 - 3:42 HAD ME DYINGGG 😭😂 “the real world” THATS SO ME LMAOO U guys think ur life are tuff i lost so many people in 2018 i lost my cat like yall got bank be happy fuck. Thank You for the Vid !!! HOPE to see You at WINTER JAM 2020 !!! Adult bookstores with gloryholes syracuse ny
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I hope YouTube gets a lesson about making YouTube rewinds Even Pewdeypay made a better one I hated this They barely brought the whole concept of 2018. You need to start hiding your hickeys better Underground diaper fetish MUMS SOUL I SWEAR AS SOON AS JAKE SAID “EITHER A PIANO WENT OFF” I SWEAR A FUCKING PIANO HIGH NOTE TAPPED I SWEAR MUMS LIFE AT 40:48 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 “So I hear there’s a lot going on with your cat”*cut to black blob with eyes sitting while ominous music plays* Sir Mujhe Isi Line Me Jana Hai Mujhe Kya Karna Hoga Pls Sir Reply Me. I just wish lances video about lizzy has affair with anthony will be deleted, i mean its obvious she just loves him These guys really have great chemistry, but I like him so much better on this show than cotton candy randy, cotton candy randy is just so weird He almost certainly took them for sexual reasons What a disgusting man. Love the way you’re always smiling and enthusiastic in your videos! Keep it up man, greetings from Brazil! 🇧🇷❤️ Team carzy won every round its obvious 😏😏 Wishing they could have 15 wins for CROWN. Can you give it to people if they got a phoneand how do you give robux to people? The funny thing is, I know a horse girl!😂. Matt if you talk in that Russian accent every video I will become the most dedicated sub you will ever have Power,space, time, soul, mind, reality stone. No backlash here Cody Ko is the shit lol 2 минуты 2 ляма просмотров, 1 место в трендах) There's going to be a war Daniel's pc-1 again Hey we're learning pythogorean theorem in in math right now! :P Favorite part? 😂 4:50 hey look Food Omnomnomnom. If people came to the truth in Christ and if people learned about the lie you have been told your whole life, things would be a whole lot different Yo DJ Envy you a chump you need to shut up and listen to what Killer Mike has to say you have no kind of education to speak on what the black people want you are not black you are a high-yellow chump and u undercover gay thats why u so sensitive. Can u do a complation of all ur asmr vids plz? I love you!!! Your videos were so great this year! You spend so much time on these squishes!. THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK 0:22 oh my god dude I spotted a real life goat Aside from the gay "because we love gay", that was such a bad script for a good ideai don't mean to be rude or anything it's just so cringy sorryi hope you keep on improving good luck Kellyanne Conway, can make more money if she resigns and write a book about inside Trump. Omg I love the song so good I am stuck in the friend's zone to 2:04 that orange guy is really ignorant it seems Adult sex thumbnail.