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Would famous dangerous curves strip club They was doing the most over some damn liquid smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ Amurter sex. Gang of oz asian Wait wait and appreciate the voice actor and it's so good the pain and the voice it is so accurate and soothing Bring back þorn (Þ þ) and eþ (Ð ð)! Ðese letters are in fact still used in Icelandic today for almost exactly ðe same sounds as ðey were in ðe rune-inspired Latinate alphabet of Old English (eg as in ðat Beowulf quote at ðe beginning of ðe video), and ðese sounds have (somehow) remained in Modern English! (Þink of ðe actor who plays Ðe Mountain in Game of Þrones: his name is spelled Hafþor in Icelandic, and pronounced basically ðe same as English speakers would read Hafthor) Also I þink it would be nice ðat boþ of ðese sounds would be reduced from two letters to just one letter (boþ being currently represented by ðe digraph "th" in Modern English, þanks primarily to ðose imported printing presses which didn't have ðe runic letters!), and also ðis would mean ðat ðe two sounds get ðeir own glyphs, unlike how ðey currently share "th" despite being different sounds! How many people reading ðis comment didn't realize ðat ðere are in fact two different sounds boþ spelled by "th" currently? :) (Ðe voiced ð sound is obviously more common ðan ðe unvoiced þ, but boþ still find frequent use!). Women looking for sex kansas ukraine online dating free Well done bro, shine like a star 🌟 ओर जो भारत मे रेह के भी हिंदी बोल पाते कुछ शिको 🏖️ 😀 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Dear you sound sooo lovely and funny in Spanish which your Cuban accent! 😘🤣 Yo soy de Madrid 🇪🇸 y una gran fan tuya 😍😘. Dont sniff the gluuueeeeee!!! Lol ily guys 3:26 Please say event horizon please say event horizon oh a man of culture indeed Things that are dead:-antivax jokes -antivaccinated kids. Melissa debling fucks I know who dies so I will say 2 of your theories of who dies are correct Free met art nude christian speed dating events in london. Can someone please explain me this 'chip' thing "He's in trouble though For pedofhile" Brendan Schaub is such a meathead No wonder she backed out when you just start fucking screaming 1 minute into the video call At first, I thought the game character was broly from Dragon ball fighter Z. I’m not overweight but I hate my body, and I’m determined to change that! Well, soon I sleep maybe 3-4 hours every day and crave soda ALL THE TIME I’m tired, I’m losing motivation to do things I love, like climbing and hiking Some days it feels like I could eat an entire mountain and some days I don’t eat at all I’m failing literally every class and life is a mess I’m going to change it, soon One day, someday Picture sex taiwan
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